We provide coaching to the actors to quickly bring them to a level specifically required for a production.

Depending on the situation the script calls for and on the table tennis experience the actor brings to the scene, we can help formulate the best way to move forward. We can focus on getting them to play with an actual ball, or we can prepare their movements to look correct and credible for insertion of the ball via CGI .

Usually, a few coaching session - either on set or at our academy - will prepare the actors to deliver the necessary level of performance.

Our technical specialist Diego Schaaf has worked with actors of many different table tennis skill levels. He specializes in achieving quick results with tight choreography and instruction optimized for a particular scene.

When less tightly scripted scenes require more actual playing ability, he works together with Wei Wang, US Olympic player and National Level coach.

Both also can function as accurate "ball feeders" to produce a spectacular one-shot with an actual ball.


We also help with finding talented top-level players, who can either be special abilty extras or doubles for more demanding scenes.