" Diego Schaaf made a bunch of comedians look like total ping pong pros in a matter of days. He served as our trainer, our "CGI ping pong technical adviser, our on-set coach, and he was a delight to work with. "Balls of Fury" would not have been possible without him."

Robert Ben Gatant - Director "Balls Of Fury"


"I cannot speak highly enough of my time with Diego and Wei in learning the sport of table tennis. When real table tennis people watch PING PONG PLAYA and recognize that I actually play, it's not because of camera trickery or spur-of-the-moment advice, it's because of all the training and guidance of Diego and Wei. In a short amount of time, they taught me everything I had to know about playing for real.

"In the places we did have to use some camera trickery and CGI balls, we turned to Diego for advice, and - lo and behold - no one even noticed that CGI balls were used. And if you know movies and effects, that is the ultimate compliment."

Jimmy Tsai - Writer, Actor "Ping Pong Playa' "


"I can't say enough good things about working with Diego. He is a true professional; he worked tirelessly from prep through post to improve all table-tennis related aspects of our production. His love for the sport and for film makes him a pleasure to work with."

Jessica Yu - Director "Ping Pong Playa' "


"From the moment I first spoke to Diego, he was enthusiastic and engaged in the show. I could not have asked for a better person to consult with us on our ping pong scenes. A class act!"

Barbara Stoll - Co-Executive Producer "Rules of Engagement"